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Payments technology that helps you win on value and price

Grow your business with comprehensive Training and Marketing resources

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Differentiate from the competition by leveraging Technology, Relationships and Price


Resell a wide offering of secure payment solutions, including eCommerce and Clover point of sale solutions from leading acquiring banks.


Fast Fact:

Did you know According to market research by Javelin*, more than half of small business owners have little or no knowledge of EMV - or the EMV liability shift?


Ask us how iPayHere can help you offer the latest EMV ready Point of Sale solutions from First Data and Clover.

Leverage your relationships and our proprietary gateway solutions to acquire new customers from Charities, Churches, Clubs, Schools, Real Estate, Medical Offices and eCommerce.


Fast Fact:

Did you know that most charities don't have a Mobile Giving Application?



Win more deals with flat rate pricing and transparent pricing. We offer special debit rates and tailor interchange plus pricing based on MCC classification, qualifying merchant transactions better, reducing cost while increasing partner profits.


Fast Fact:

Did you know The average cardholder is using their debit card more frequently and spending more on it annually?   In 2014, U.S. debit card holders averaged 21.2 monthly point-of-sale debit card transactions, compared to 16.1 such transactions in 2005.



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iPayHere is a payments processing provider and platform owned and operated by Switch Commerce. We offer uniquely focused payment solutions through our technology, strategic agreements and connectivity with leading acquiring banks.

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